Posted 05 February 2015

5 steps to connect online and the phone

Connecting online and the phone

For so long the important function that marketers perform for a business hasn’t needed to be connected – but now times have changed and all the channels must connect together to focus on the customer journey. As all these channels connect, they become one in omnichannel and research shows that contact centres can gain a 20% increase or more in conversions and average order values by integrating on and offline customer experiences.

This change isn’t just in structure, but in perceptions of the customer – but how does the experience of one customer affect the overall perception of your brand? How can marketers simplify the pathways to a profitable customer journey? Here are our key tips:

1. Leverage what you know

Marketers have never had an issue understanding the online customer journey. Collecting data, retargeting and defining key messages being some focal parts of this – give the same amount of attention to all the other channels, apply the same thinking and you have a rounded campaign approach. Savvy marketers not only leverage on- and offline data for targeting online offers, but also for improving the overall experience of the customer.

2. Connect data across channels

Not just channels, but business departments. Become a transparent organisation that uses data in a smart way to ensure that all the different channels relate to one another. You can’t lie when you have the data, and support staff or sales execs on the phone have the right perspective if they’re provided with the right insights to make a sale. The result of this will be an increase in quality sales calls, call conversions, average order values and, finally, customer satisfaction levels!

 3. Don’t overlook the phone

74% of consumers polled by ResponseTap said that speaking to a rep by phone gives them peace of mind and confidence that they’re getting exactly what they want, and 34% are more likely to make a purchase after conducting research online and then speaking to a company rep on the phone. Our advice is not to overlook the phone: by leveraging data in the same way a website serves targeted ads, a sales rep can provide a powerful motivation to purchase.

 4. Avoid the trap of traditional methodologies

If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got. If marketing is open to interpretation, make sure you’ve considered a bespoke model that brings all the channels together. Consumer behaviour has changed and you need to keep up with the paces! In an age of omnichannel marketing, new and innovative call tracking software can help marketers connect the myriad of paths that customer’s take in their buyer journey.

 5. Create campaigns that drive calls

The value of a sale is incredibly important. A sale, which is made on the phone, has a higher value, a happy customer who is more likely to repeat purchase and recommend to friends and family. Make sure to use a portion of your marketing to actually encourage customers to call in and learn more about you; to get comfortable with your brand and feel confident in buying from you.

Direct Marketing News has created an e-book to help decipher these 5 paths to a profitable customer journey, which aims to guide customers’ paths to purchase – as it is exactly this that can spell huge success for marketers. Find out more about our e-book here.

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