Posted 13 March 2015

Does Your Call Tracking Provider TRULY Integrate with Adobe Analytics?

Omnichannel strategy

For almost anyone reading this blog, the answer is no. While other providers claim to integrate call tracking with Adobe Analytics, the fact of the matter is that many aren’t tracking at the session level let alone a visitor level as the case with ResponseTap. Of those who are many won’t track direct, SEO, and social leaving significant blind spots in your customer journey. 

ResponseTap, on the other hand, offers true Adobe Analytics integration via all traffic sources and multiple touchpoints. RTap integrates seven call types as ‘events’, and applies +30 Standard ResponseTap variables as eVars. While the other guys’ phone events may standalone, ResponseTap’s are shown as key events within the customer journey. We offer an overview of not only calls, but also the visits, page views and content that drove the customer to pick up the phone and engage with your brand. In addition, custom call outcomes add further color to the conversion quality.

Having awareness of what impact a phone call has on the customer journey is essential, as is knowing how they came to be your customer in the first place. This knowledge enables marketers to duplicate the process in an effort to gain new customers, as well as re-engage with current customers to sell to them again.

Google’s survey of more than 600 marketers and agencies across all business sectors, found that while 1 in 10 still consider “last click” attribution (once the industry standard) to be very effective, more than 50 percent are still using it. Most cite a lack of tools available, which is pretty spot on. Most vendors are limited to session-based call tracking, which provides an incomplete picture of the customer journey.

In contrast, ResponseTap utilizes visitor-level call tracking, following calls across every click in the customer journey. This provides brands with the depth of call data necessary for campaign optimization and proper attribution modeling. RTap’s call-based marketing automation employs an omni-channel strategy, which connects the online and offline channels, resulting in a seamless customer experience as well as a more complete picture of the customer journey for marketers.

Integrating ResponseTap with Adobe Analytics is easy. We push our data directly into your existing platform, allowing you to see exactly where the phone call fits in your customers’ journey as consumers bounce from online to offline, paid and earned media channels. By understanding the type of call, the value of the call and what prompted the call, Adobe Analytics can uncover valuable information about your calls and the customer journey.

Only ResponseTap, a certified Adobe partner, tracks every click, seamlessly delivering visitor-level call conversion data that you can trust and analyze alongside other touchpoints. Therefore, if your current call tracking provider claims to integrate with Adobe Analytics, yet only provides session-level data, perhaps it’s time you called their bluff. Learn more here.

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