To make sure you take action and connect your online and offline touchpoints

Did you know that in the last 4 years marketers have failed to connect the customer journey across multiple touchpoints?

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Learn how to get a better understanding of your customer journey

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To take action and connect online and offline touchpoints

Econsultancy Whitepaper preview: Understanding the Customer Journey - More Than Just Online

How do you structure yourself internally to reduce the customer struggle?

Marketers have heard it all before: customers are demanding great brand experiences and in order to truly facilitate this, the full spectrum of data across the entire customer journey is needed. Why then, is offline data being forsaken in favour of digital?

Why is the offline experience – the point at which the customer has had enough of browsing the web and picks up the phone – still considered less important than the online? The statistics speak for themselves. In four years - the same time it takes to move the Olympic Games from one part of the world to another – there’s been no discernible change in marketers’ thinking about integrated touchpoints: from 2011 to 2014, 38% think that although the customer journey is understood, there is little management across touchpoints.

In other words, four years on and we are no closer at all to realising that true omnichannel experience. When ResponseTap was first established as a company, we asked ourselves questions about the offline and online journey – and we’re still helping customers to answer them every day.

Before a business can deliver a superior customer experience, clarity around who in the business owns the customer journey is key. As is often the case, ensuring internal teams are working coherently and within clear frameworks will determine how successful the customer experience is...

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