Up until now, reporting on conversions has primarily identified call volume as opposed to genuine ROI. That’s meant a lot of guesswork and last click attribution, largely crediting just one aspect of your marketing with all the success.

We all know that conversion success is more nuanced than that. So that’s why we’ve built our own set of reports – tools that accurately show the value of sales and allow you to measure success through metrics and models that suit you.

Easy to use and certain to help you optimise marketing budgets, these reports are the ultimate weapon when justifying spend. Here, we explain how they can revolutionise your reporting.

It’s time to join the reporting revolution

Determining the exact cause of any conversion is essential to your marketing. If you’re in charge of a budget and choosing channels based on gut feeling, you’re in for a tough time.

Similarly, if the only model you have to evaluate your success is last click attribution, you aren’t going to truly understand the contribution of each channel or medium. You need to compare each and every one.

Channels like PPC actually contribute significantly to your awareness marketing, so looking at your conversions against first touch attribution (or any other model for that matter), can enhance your understanding of the customer journey like little else.

By experimenting, you get to know what campaign worked best at which stage before an action. So get creative.

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Pinpoint and evaluate each success with acquisition reports

Once you’ve decided on a model that best represents all your hard work, start digging into different metrics. The acquisition report allows you to investigate each channel, campaign or medium, and pinpoint the merits of each.

Now you can start mapping out the various highs and lows of each against conversions and calls. You can actually graph the call volumes, number of conversions and conversion values alongside your campaigns.

This visibility means that every decision you make regarding email, PPC or organic search can be justified by an accessible, entire history of marketing data.

Provided you’re utilising Smart Match and sending conversion data to ResponseTap, we can tell you the value of each campaign as well as the number of conversions. If you’re not, speak to your Customer Success Manager to find out more.

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Become a master of both

While both reports play a role in helping revolutionise your reporting, there’s a certain knack to getting the most out of your analytics.

It’s important that you play around with your attribution reports to discover the value of viewing success in any one way. The true answer lies within the disparity between each model. And until you’ve seen that, you won’t experience the acquisition report’s full power.

The acquisition report is where the bulk of your detective work begins. By changing the metric that you use to evaluate campaigns (call or conversion volume, or conversion value), you gain a complete understanding of every marketing contribution.

Again, the best way to master our new and improved reports is to experiment. Without knowing what you’re looking for, it’s tough to make any future marketing decisions. Check out your dashboard and start optimising campaigns with deeper data insights today.