Why integrate with your bid management platform

Base your bidding on the broadest and deepest data possible.
By connecting online and offline data you can see every step your online visitor takes.
Typically after several web visits or calls, consumers revert to branded keywords at time of purchase.
Bid on these as last click analysis and you risk bidding on the wrong words. ResponseTap lets you see first click through to last click data – giving your more accurate, real-time bid data.

3 truths about call tracking and bid management

Most call tracking data works on last click conversion. The click that prompted the call. This is skewing your bidding as you will be bidding on branded keywords rather than the initial broader keywords that initiated the search.

The customer journey is 60-80% complete by the time they make contact. ResponseTap delivers call conversion data for every click. So you can optimize your bid strategy based on first click, last click and every click in between.

ResponseTap call conversion data is pushed directly into your instance - giving you a complete picture within the environment you are already working in. Integration is easy. You can be up and running in minutes.

Customers have also integrated with:

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  • doubleclick search
  • acquisio
  • Kenshoo

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