Corporate philanthropy is in our DNA

The 111 program

Many organizations 'do their bit' for charity, and their efforts are not to be dismissed - every little helps, after all. But at ResponseTap, corporate philanthropy is not a side thought. It is embedded within our DNA, thanks to the 111 initiative.


Renowned among brands in Silicon Valley, the 111 model sees us pledge 1% of our time and give away 1% of our product, to charity, every year. Our founders have also committed to donate 1% of their equity, to charities of their choosing, when they exit the business. These continued donations add up to a significant level of support for the charitable causes, community initiatives and not-for-profit organizations that our employees choose to help – a six figure sum per year, in fact. Every team member is encouraged - and challenged - to get involved and support something close to their heart. And, because we’re growing, we're increasing the amount we pledge, per annum, whilst keeping it personal.


Set up as a formal division within the business, the 111 scheme even has its own set of strategies across the company, project leads and management objectives. This is what makes it so powerful. Helping the community is no longer a side thought – it is an integral and accountable element of what we do. We track and report upon our progress and everyone within the company is empowered to play their part.

The 111 movement is sweeping across UK businesses

Our pledge

We’ve supported charities and worthwhile causes since the day we were founded. But a company of our size can do better than a couple of thousand pounds per annum. So here’s what we now pledge:

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1% product

Charities benefit from an annual share of £75,000 worth of our Call Intelligence Platform, enabling them to improve their service offering and redistribute the money they’ve saved.

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1% time

Every employee can donate 2.5 days of time to a charity of their choice. With more than 80 employees, that equates to over 12 months of time in total – and counting!

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1% equity

ResponseTap’s founding directors have also committed to donate 1% of equity to whichever charities they choose, when the time comes for them to exit the business.

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This integrated scheme sees us donate a six figure sum to worthwhile causes every year – this will make a massive difference to the organizations our employees choose to help.

The 111 initiative was surprisingly easy to get started, but it does require support from the leaders of the business and an engaged team to be successful. We’re excited that the community is now a key stakeholder in our business, who will benefit as we grow. I believe every company should have a social mission as a core part of its strategy - something that empowers the entire team to give back.
Ross Fobian, ResponseTap


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A £5,000 product donation to homelessness and housing charity Shelter, to support them with the effectiveness of the thousands of calls they receive per year.

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15 ResponseTap employees pulled on their wellies and gave up their time to build a goat enclosure for The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust.

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