Head of Product


Exchange Quay, Manchester, M5 3EJ



ResponseTap is one of the UK’s most innovative technology companies! Developing our cutting edge call Intelligence technology we manage billions of transactions each month for thousands of clients globally, collecting web, phone-call and e-commerce data. 

Due to continued success and growth we are now looking for the best talent to come and join us in our much sought after waterfront offices in the heart of Exchange Quays, Manchester. 


What we’re looking for: We are looking for an ambitious, forward thinking Head of Product with a passion for providing the highest level of service to customers. We want someone who will think outside the box to meet what will be a variety of challenges, who is excited about challenging the status quo and want to make their mark in the world of SaaS, voice and online analytics.


As Head of Product at ResponseTap, your primary role will be that of a coach to an amazingly talented group of product professionals, and partners across the business.  

  • You will own the Product Roadmap, and engage stakeholders across the business to communicate a coherent product strategy.
  • You will set clear and ambitious goals for the team as well as set them up for success with the right training, tools and support.  
  • You will be accountable for the metrics that matter and regularly make these available to all stakeholders 
  • You will foresee and mitigate changes and risks that impact the business and the wider market
  • You will first and foremost be a leader, a motivator, and foster a unique culture by connecting board level strategy to the passions of each individual team member


Working with stakeholders across the business the Product Team at ResponseTap is responsible for the following activities;


New Ideas

We collect direct feedback from customers in our application and track new ideas from customers and colleagues alike. Our Customer Success team is committed to seeing us deliver on our value promise and our Product team has a close relationship with Sales that bucks the common trend and generates innovations that count. We align to customer requirements using the “Jobs To Be Done” framework, and aim for 10% time in front of customers talking about how our Roadmap can better serve their needs.



We’re a SaaS business, so it’s all about New Revenue, Low Churn, and adding value to our customer base through new innovations. We’re clear about the metrics that matter and use cost of delay measures to help maximize the value we take to market every quarter.  We work closely with Development, and are always striving for the best balance between effort and value.



It may be a cliché but Product is the connection and translator between the customer, the business, and the technical teams. This includes validating assumptions about the demand for new products, the best commercial models, and the technical opportunities to solve problems, which are still unmet in the market.



We’ve made great strides integrating design early in our process, including taking wireframes to customers and bringing UX into the team at the investigation stages. We’re also using cutting edge product and user tracking tools to provide feedback on how the application is used, experience and to identify optimizations. Our customers are a key part of this process, and our relationship with Sales and Customer Success allow us access to customers who are delighted to be engaged in the early iterations, in return for gaining really valuable solutions.


Sprint Management

We’re agile, and that means being in the team. Each Product Manager is expected to lead grooming, check estimations and contribute to daily stand ups by keeping the team focused on the business objectives and the metrics that matter.


Release planning

As products go out the door, you’ll be responsible for keeping the business focused on the primary business objectives. This means identifying cohort audiences, choosing the metrics that matter and collaborating with Sales and Marketing to create compelling buying experiences within the app and through the new business channel.

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