How we helped Aviva build an accurate picture of its customers’ sales journeys

The Challenge

When buying a complicated financial product, especially one that is high in value, customers will need to speak to someone on the phone to be able to complete a purchase. One such complex product for Aviva is an annuity, which is used as a pension fund for people to support themselves through retirement.

Aviva knew that many of its customers start their journey by researching these complex products online, yet had no way of knowing how these searches related to the calls it received. The big challenge for Aviva and its media agency, ZenithOptimedia, was how to track the whole journey from keyword to call. In the crossover from online to offline, customer data was being be lost, leaving Aviva and ZenithOptimedia, in the dark as to which online marketing activity and keywords were driving leads over the phone. Without making this link, it was impossible to know what part of Aviva’s online marketing spend was paying off in terms of sales that completed on the phone.

The Solution

By using ResponseTap’s Call Intelligence platform via its media agency ZenithOptimedia, Aviva obtained detailed information on its phone sales. Through the ResponseTap platform, Aviva was able to build an accurate picture of its customers’ sales journeys, gaining insight into which search keywords were most effective at driving sales and used this information to optimize its campaign spend.

ZenithOptimedia recommended ResponseTap due to the DS3 integration that partners up Google and ResponseTap’s technology.

Aviva is now able to accurately track and attribute the success of its online marketing campaigns, increasing call volume by 121%.

The Results


Increased Call Volume


Increased Duration of Calls

Aviva is now able to accurately track and attribute the success of its online marketing campaigns, increasing call volume by 121%. On top of this, the duration of calls increased by an average of 20%, which suggested that those customers that called were engaged and likely to purchase. Using the data collected through ResponseTap, Aviva discovered that focusing paid-for search terms on a select list of everyday phrases, rather than the names of products on offer, drove an increase in calls.

Aviva also used organic search data to make sure it was having the right conversations with customers at the right time. By analyzing how a customer came to the website and the search terms that were used, call operators were able to speak differently to each customer that called depending on the journey they took to reach the site.

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