Smart Match: Linking call revenue to marketing activity, for Cruise1st

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When you activate Smart Match in ResponseTap, you can add call revenue to your reports and easily discover which marketing source is driving your highest value phone sales.

This means you can optimize campaigns based on revenue or profit generated from each campaign, not just how many calls each campaign drove.

For Cruise1st, this has been a game-changer. 

You can learn more about Smart Match here.

“Smart Match has enabled us to take a cut of our sales data and allowed us to match a revenue and a profit to our calls, which is something previously we’ve never been able to do.” Simon Hoe, Head of eCommerce & Digital, Cruise1st.

"Smart Match has allowed us to get far closer to a channel attribution and an ROI by channel."
Simon Hoe, Head of eCommerce & Digital


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With simple, fixed pricing, we’ve made budgeting for Call Intelligence easier than ever before.

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