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Meet Smart Match

The fastest and easiest way to link call revenue to marketing activity

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Your average call tracking technology can measure how many calls a campaign generated. But understanding the real value and outcome of each and every call is impossible without technical integrations to CRM systems, or asking call center agents to record call outcomes in a separate system.

Step up Smart Match

When you activate Smart Match, you can add call revenue to your reports and easily discover which marketing source is driving your highest value phone sales. So you can optimize campaigns based on revenue or profit generated from each campaign, not just how many calls each campaign drove.

How it works

  • Upload Sale Data

    While in your call reporting system, export a spreadsheet of your sales data as a CSV file.

  • Data Mapping

    Next, map the column headers of your spreadsheet to the fields in ResponseTap’s simple wizard.

  • Review Results

    Our Smart Match algorithm matches the sales data to the call, showing which marketing activity has generated revenue.

  • Sync to other tools

    Automatically sync call outcomes to your other analytics and bid management platforms, giving total visibility of campaign performance.

Simple! No drama. No delays. No need for technical implementations.

Enhanced Reports

Smart Match supercharges your reports to unlock a whole new level of insight. Now you can effortlessly close the gap in your reporting puzzle.

Acquisition Overview Report

Our all-new Acquisition Report gives you visibility of all your campaigns and marketing activity in one place. Toggle between Campaign, Channel or Medium views for unparalleled insights into which marketing activity is generating the most calls, revenue and profit.

Attribution Comparison Report

Easily compare multiple attribution models based on different measures. Discover how call volume, sales revenue and profit differ from one model to another.

“Being able to track the lead source and then assign a revenue and margin value has been a major breakthrough for us”

Simon Hoe, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Cruise 1st