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ResponseTap helps DealerOn win more business

The Challenge

DealerOn builds and optimizes websites for car dealers and manufacturer approved programs for the likes of Toyota, KIA, Mitsubushi, Acura, Mercedes Benz and BMW. DealerOn’s paid search platform is the strongest converting car dealer PPC platform in the industry and their auto dealer SEO platform continually optimizes across Google, Bing and Yahoo, securing the best page rankings for their clients.

Ultimately, DealerOn is about delivering guaranteed ROI for their clients, because performance is everything. Being able to clearly measure and attribute that performance to demonstrate success is critical…

Visitor level call tracking was the piece of the puzzle that DealerOn knew they were missing. They knew that the solution had to deliver a different perspective on their business, as well as invaluable insight into their clients’ business in order to help them grow.

The issue for DealerOn was that 360° attribution was a challenge. They needed to clearly demonstrate to their clients that they were spending their money on the right channels. Specifically, DealerOn needed to identify not only which calls were coming from Paid and SEO channels, but to track the entire customer journey from first click, through to every interaction and call.

The Solution

ResponseTap’s Call Intelligence has given DealerOn a core call tracking platform that has exceeded their expectations, tracking across multiple visits even when they are up to a year apart.

But DealerOn needed more support and flexibility. ResponseTap’s team rose to the challenge and helped DealerOn solve complex business issues by adapting the core tracking methodology and using the API effectively.

DealerOn used the simple, secure and well-supported, ResponseTap REST API to solve a significant problem for their clients. Almost 50% of dealership web traffic is mobile and over 75% of paid search generated calls happen on SERP click-to-call. The issue is that the prospect never actually lands on DealerOn’s clients’ websites where the ResponseTap dynamic phone number is served, so matching for conversion was potentially difficult.

Through the lightweight custom event tracking, ResponseTap could grab the bid management partner’s click IDs and store these against the visitor history, generating multiple visit attribution for PPC calls.

ResponseTap and DealerOn’s collaboration means DealerOn are able to match 95% of click-to-call calls. With ResponseTap’s data this means DealerOn can identify the source of the call all the way down to the keyword level.

The Result

ResponseTap has enabled DealerOn’s clients to continually improve campaign performance based on rock-solid call data and insight.

DealerOn’s happy clients are by far the best testament to the success of the relationship. The fact that DealerOn has been able to grow both its OEM and SEM businesses because of the success that ResponseTap’s Call Intelligence brings, is significant.

There is appetite on both sides to continue to push the boundaries and utilize the ResponseTap API to provide the automotive market with cutting edge marketing innovation through the optimization of call data to inform and predict future actions.

ResponseTap has enabled us to deliver a 360 solution to our clients and enabled us to win more business as a result. The ResponseTap team has been exemplary in their support for our business and the flexibility of the API and software has meant that we are able to continuously innovate and provide the best possible solutions and services to our clients.

Ray Alvarez

Director Product Development, DealerOn Inc.

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