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Introducing Speech Analytics

Your calls with customers are full of hidden insights. Now you can uncover patterns in conversation and identify which marketing campaigns generate your best calls.

Find out how
Find out how

Turn conversation data into useable insights

Our Speech Analytics software analyses your calls to identify topics of discussion and flag outcomes. By turning large amounts of unstructured data into usable insights, you can optimise your paid media budgets, create more targeted web content and add common phrases to your SEO strategy.

Understand call outcomes with Speech AI

Speech AI is a custom-built speech analytics model that identifies and groups the various outcomes of your calls. 

It uses machine learning to categorise a broader range of custom outcomes and ensures a high degree of accuracy. 

Identify themes & topics of conversation

Using a simple self-serve UI, you can set an unlimited number of phrases to look for in conversations. 

The phrase spotting feature then groups together the matched calls so you can spot trends and listen to calls. 

Integrate with your other tools

Not only can Speech Analytics allow you to understand the types of calls your marketing is driving, the data can be pushed into your existing tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads and programmatic bidding tools. So you can now optimise campaigns based on more sophisticated data than ever before.


“Using ResponseTap’s Speech AI we have been able to gain a better understanding of which marketing activities have driven more value for the business, improve customer journeys and optimise marketing campaigns for a better ROI.

The AI model built by the ResponseTap team helped us achieve a higher level of accuracy than the market benchmark allowing us to manage marketing budgets more efficiently and support business growth.

We are planning to continue using the solution and apply across new channels and products.”

Alexander Soldatikhin
Digital Marketing Product Owner