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Create seamless customer experiences in your contact center

With our Amazon Connect integration

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Improve the caller experience, with our Amazon Connect integration

By combining call tracking from ResponseTap with Amazon Connect’s self-service contact center solution, you can now route inbound calls to the best agent for the job based on a customer’s browsing data, bypassing the need for an IVR. And you can ‘call whisper’ any phrase to the agent, along with feeding on-screen suggestions and messages during the call, for shorter, more valuable calls.

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Route calls to the best agent for the job

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Feed real-time information to agents about the caller

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Attribute call outcome to marketing campaigns

Call routing, without the IVR

Dynamically route calls based on the online customer journey, rather than using cumbersome IVRs. For the caller, their journey goes uninterrupted and their experience is seamless. For the agent, they have the knowledge and expertise they need to resolve the call quickly, and to come to the most valuable outcome. For businesses, drop-out rates from frustrated callers in an IVR disappear.

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For example, if the caller is only searching for Croatian holidays, they can instantly speak to the right person.

Give agents real-time information

The agent can see the pages viewed by the caller, meaning they are armed with the insight they need to have the most relevant conversation possible. This results in quicker, more valuable conversations.

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Specific destinations like Vounaki beachclub? Kitesurfing and Kayaking? The agent is ready to act.

Link call outcomes to marketing campaigns

Agents can enter sales values or other call outcomes during or after the call, which is then passed into ResponseTap. This enables your Marketing department to report on and optimize campaign performance and do more of the things that work. 

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Was it a PPC ad or organic search that drove the call? The Acquisition Overview Report, on the left, has all the information you need in one place.

ResponseTap's Amazon Connect Architecture

Amazon Connect queries ResponseTap for online journey data. Replacing clunky IVRs with intelligent caller insights, our AI-driven software directs customers to the most relevant agent. User journeys will also be visualized on-screen the moment your team are connected, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Under the hood

  • Running on AWS, ResponseTap’s Amazon Connect integration makes it even easier to deliver the best customer experience possible.
  • With worldwide coverage for this integration, setting it up is simple and quick.
  • ResponseTap is a trusted  ‘Select’ APN Technology Partner.

Learn more about Amazon Connect, and our integration, here.