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Bolt On Packages

Bolt-On Description Features at a glance:
The Media Bolt-On The Media Bolt-On allows for integration with a wide range of third party media and bid management software tools. Media Integrations Include: – Marin – Doubleclick – Acquisio – Kenshoo – Adobe Media Optimizer – Flashtalking
The Insight Bolt-On The Insight Bolt-On allows for integration with a wide range of other analytics software packages. Insight Integrations Include: – Adobe Analytics – C3 Analytics – DC Storm
The Call Handling Bolt-On The Call Handling Bolt-On allows for the use of a number of useful voice features. These may include features such as on-call and post-call IVR’s detailing information about the call, and the option of a call whisper to be played to the call handler to announce the call. The Call Handling Bolt-On may also allow for the dynamic routing of calls to different parts of a call centre depending on the marketing channel that generated the call. This Bolt-On may also allow for calls to be delivered directly to the Customer via SIP. On-Call IVR Post-Call IVR Dynamic Routing Call whisper SIP headers
The Offline Bolt-On The Offline Bolt-On provides access to unlimited UK Single Tracking Numbers. Single Tracking Numbers for use in individual campaigns.