Where applicable calls have a per minute charge (as well as the Call Connection Charge per call) and are charged per minute to the next whole minute. These charges are for calls that are generated from within Italy. Any calls generated from outside Italy may have additional charges associated with them. Other number combinations may be available and will be charged accordingly.

Tracking Number Type Caller Number Type Destination Number Type Cost Per Minute
Geographic Any Type Geographic £0.020
Toll Free* Landline Geographic £0.045
Toll Free* Mobile Geographic £0.355
Toll Free* Payphone Geographic £0.275
Geographic Any Type SIP Termination £0.015
Toll Free* Landline SIP Termination £0.040
Toll Free* Mobile SIP Termination £0.350
Toll Free* Payphone SIP Termination £0.270

* Toll Free tracking numbers may be subject to a set-up fee per number and/or a higher UTN Charge than geographically prefixed numbers. These Minute Charges are applicable to all accounts from 1st January 2017. Please refer to your account manager or email for the current tariff.