United Kingdom

Where applicable, calls are charged per minute (for the avoidance of doubt, each call is rounded up to the nearest minute), plus a Call Connection Charge. Peak times are from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and all other times are classed as off peak. These charges are for calls that are generated from within the UK only. Any calls generated from outside the UK may have additional charges associated with them.

Tracking Number Type Caller Number Type Destination Number Type Cost Per Minute
Geographic (01, 02) Any Type Geographic (01, 02) £0.020
Geographic (UK-wide 03) Any Type Geographic (01, 02) £0.020
Freephone Any Type Geographic (01, 02) £0.045
Geographic (01, 02) Any Type Geographic (03) £0.0225
Geographic (UK-wide 03) Any Type Geographic (03) £0.0225
Freephone Any Type Geographic (03) £0.0475
Geographic (01, 02) Any Type Freephone* £0.015
Geographic (UK-wide 03) Any Type Freephone* £0.015
Freephone Any Type Freephone* £0.040
084X/087X (5ppm + access charge) ^ Any Type Geographic (01, 02, 03) FREE
Geographic (01, 02) Any Type SIP Termination £0.015
Geographic (UK-wide 03) Any Type SIP Termination £0.015
Freephone Any Type SIP Termination £0.040
084X/087X (5ppm + access charge) ^ Any Type SIP Termination FREE

* In addition to the rate listed above, calls made to freephone destinations may incur charges from your existing toll-free number provider. ^ A range of alternative 084X and 087X numbers are also available at a rate determined by the cost to the caller in making the call, and the destination number type selected. Options available and associated costs may be provided upon request. These Minute Charges are applicable to all accounts from 1st January 2017. Please refer to your account manager or email support@responsetap.com for the current tariff.