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Reseller Rate Card

RESELLER This Rate Card Schedule is governed by and made subject to the latest Call Tracking Service Agreement entered into between the parties, and is covered within the definition of “Confidential Information” under that Agreement. All Charges set out below are payable by the Reseller in respect of each Customer. Each Customer Account will be subject to Licence Fees, Cost Per Call Fees and for certain telephone number types, a cost per minute fee (Minute Charge). Minute Charge rates can be found at Minute Charges. For certain Territories a UTN Charge may be payable which varies by Territory and is charged per Tracking Number per month. Details of the Charges associated with other Territories are available upon request. Features of individual Bolt-Ons can be found at Boltons. Where Professional or Integration Services are required for a Customer Account, the fees for these services are available upon request. Rate Card for United Kingdom Customer Accounts

* Set-up fee applies ** Features of some Bolt-On packages may attract additional Charges or set-up fees *** Price is per seat and is available upon request **** May be subject to the fair use policy