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Call Tracking was a must have from day one for Search Station

The Challenge

If you don’t track calls, your agency can’t prove its worth as a partner. Very few phone sales will be linked to your marketing activities, and as you won’t know exactly what’s working and what isn’t, you can’t optimise a client’s budget or drive better results.

Many clients have no idea where their calls come from. As an agency, you could be generating a ton of revenue and not getting the credit you deserve. And that can cause problems when it comes to renewal time.

David Wilkinson understands this. Having originally adopted call tracking in his previous role, he recognised the value in proving his contribution to offline sales. This made ResponseTap a must-have when he co-founded his own agency, Search Station.

The Solution

David worked with our dedicated agency team to add call tracking into Search Station’s tech stack and set up a number of client accounts.

Once active, call tracking allowed Search Station to pinpoint exactly where clients’ sales are coming from. They’ve been able to reveal which tactics are working for clients and which aren’t, so together, they can refine plans and focus on more profitable activities.

Call tracking demonstrates how strong Search Station’s PPC advertising is and justifies their agency fee. When asked what it is that makes ResponseTap so useful, David said, “It allows us to showcase the true impact we deliver to a client.”

The Results

“One client had around £300,000 revenue per month that was coming in via calls, and they didn’t know the source,” David said. With call intelligence, it’s been possible to attribute those calls to specific campaigns, channels and keywords, and then optimise the ones that are performing best.

ResponseTap has given Search Station and their clients greater visibility of where sales are coming from. “We’ve increased the number of tracked conversions from PPC for one of our largest clients,” David said. “From only three last year to a total of 70.”

These previously untapped insights have helped Search Station improve campaign performance and generate more leads for clients across the board. They’ve achieved bigger returns on ad spend and taken client relationships from strength to strength.

Call tracking has helped Search Station demonstrate the real value they bring to the table; and reinforce their position as a valued partner.

“We found ResponseTap extremely useful in my previous business, so it was a no-brainer to bring it with me to my own venture. By proving how we contribute to offline sales, we’re able to prove our value to clients.”

David Wilkinson, Search Station

Founder and Director

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