ResponseTap integrates with your existing tools pushing data to you so you can gain the breadth of data across the entire online and offline customer journey. This will provide the cornerstone to generate true insights, make informed decisions and enable accurate marketing ROI attribution. Ultimately you will be able to deliver a better customer experience and drive brand advocacy.

  • Call Centre
  • Marketing Automation
  • Affiliate Networks
  • CRM
  • Bid Management Platforms
  • Analytics Reporting

Call Centre

Improving the call centre experience is fundamental to increasing call based acquisition. ResponseTap gives agents key data from the customer’s online journey and previous calls to guide their approach to individual callers. ResponseTap also enables dynamic call routing which routes the call based on the callers previous visitor history.

Our customers have seen significant uplift in telephone conversions and average order values by levering the online journey to improve the offline experience.

    Marketing Automation

    As your customers and prospects engage with you online, marketing automation enables you to nurture and communicate relevant and timely messages to help move customers through the sales cycle. With ResponseTap you can now tailor your remarketing and nurturing campaigns for those that buy offline on the phone. You no longer have to treat everyone the same based on out of date last click methodologies.

      Affiliate Networks

      ResponseTap integrates with affiliate network platforms to help you realise the value of sales made over the phone and ensure your partners are paid for their recommendations.


        Integrating ResponseTap with your CRM solution enables you to ‘close the loop’ between online and offline, fully understand the conversion value associated to each phone call and track sales made over the phone back to the online journey.

          Bid Management Platforms

          Base your bidding on the broadest and deepest data possible. By connecting online and offline data you can see every step your online visitor takes. Typically after several web visits or calls, consumers revert to branded keywords at time of purchase. Bid on these as last click analysis and you risk bidding on the wrong words. ResponseTap lets you see first click through to last click data – giving your more accurate, real-time bid data.

            Analytics Reporting

            True integration means being able to access the richness of your online data and bring it together with powerful call data. With ResponseTap you are able to integrate your call data into your chosen analytics and reporting infrastructure from Google Analytics through to enterprise attribution platforms. After all, seeing the whole picture enables better decisions based upon actionable insights and ultimately happier customers.