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Intelligent Call Tracking

We reveal the campaigns, channels and keywords that make your customers pick up the phone – so you can make your marketing more effective.

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Find out more

Hear what our clients say

“In a world of artificial intelligence, we rely on the ResponseTap data to inform bidding models and key marketing decisions.”

Richard C

“It is definitely a step up from our previous call tracking provider, specifically with regards to the customer service.”

Faseeh S

“Probably the most intelligent call tracking software on the market.”

Bart B

Understand where your calls are coming from

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Complete your data

Finally you can link phone sales – not just online sales – to your digital marketing activity.

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Get better results

Once you understand which channels work best for you, you can spend your budgets more effectively.

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Plugs in seamlessly

Integrates with the rest of your martech solutions to give you more insights and greater clarity.

From call volumes to call value

Our Smart Match feature gives you a whole new level of insight. Quickly and easily you can discover which marketing source is driving your highest value phone sales – and optimise accordingly. All with no extra tech support needed whatsoever.

Discover smart match
Discover smart match

No more fighting the martech

Call Intelligence plugs into your existing analytics, CRM or bid management platform – seamlessly. No more integration issues holding you back. Instead you’re ready to go with more accurate reporting and actionable insights.

Easy Integrations
Easy Integrations

Pinpoint what’s making your customers pick up the phone

For Marketers

Call Intelligence for Marketers


Do you really know which parts of your campaigns drive calls and sales? What about the actual value of every call?

  • Understand every touchpoint leading up to a call
  • Reveal the channels, campaigns and keywords that have the biggest influence on phone sales
  • Spend your marketing budget with more confidence – to maximise ROI
Explore for marketers
Explore for marketers

For Call Centers

Call Intelligence for Call Centers


What if you could spend less time on every call, but increase the value of every sale?

  • Predict why a customer has called before they tell you, so you can have better conversations
  • Provide agents with real-time suggestions based on a customer’s online journey, prior to the call
  • Understand exactly what drives calls, for more efficient call center resource planning
Explore for Call Centers
Explore for Call Centers

Learn about Intelligent Call Tracking

Straightforward pricing

With flexible call tracking prices, you only pay for what you use. With straightforward license fees and transparent call costs, we’ll keep your call tracking simple.

View our pricing
View our pricing

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