Search Ads 360 allows marketers to manage multiple search marketing campaigns across different engines and channels.

Using machine learning, the platform can automate bid adjustments for users. But its success ultimately depends on the quality of the data it receives about which keywords are driving which sales. Essentially, the platform needs these insights in order to make the most accurate automations possible.

Marketers can also use ‘Floodlight tags’ for conversion tracking in Search Ads 360, highlighting events such as when a video has been watched or a piece of content has been downloaded. This is a powerful tool to help marketers analyse content engagement and see what is and isn’t working.

Optimising ad performance in Search Ads 360 is intuitive – providing all the data is from the online customer journey. If phone calls play a role in the path to purchase for any of the accounts being managed in Search Ads 360, users run into problems.

ResponseTap’s Search Ads 360 integration

As the omni-channel marketing mix becomes increasingly complex, being able to view offline data alongside online data in optimisation tools is vital. And phone calls are a long-standing thorn in the side of marketers who need a more holistic view in order to make the best decisions.

Being able to view accurate phone call data in tandem with digital data in Search Ads 360 has, until now, been impossible, resulting in a skewed view of campaign performance.

ResponseTap’s Search Ads 360 integration means phone call data can now be displayed alongside the keywords the customer used before they picked up the phone. Knowing which keywords are driving phone sales is crucial for campaign optimisation. Combining that with insight into the value of each call, and you can build an even richer picture.

And, as with other events in a campaign, a Floodlight tag can now be set up for phone calls and phone sales, meaning this data can be analysed alongside every other touchpoint the customer has had.

With a true 360 view on performance, ResponseTap’s Search Ads 360 integration gives marketers a more complete data set – one that more accurately reflects their successes and enables better optimisation.

Being able to do this across multiple accounts and multiple search engines results in much more efficient PPC management.