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Call on me podcast

Episode #1: Scott Brinker, Editor of

Remember that crazy Martech5000 infographic? In this episode we speak to the man behind it, Mr. Martech himself. What should you be asking your next martech vendor? Listen in.

Call on me podcast | Length: 30 mins



In this episode:

The marketers position in 2017 is challenging, or as Scott Brinker puts it “a mixture of fear and excitement”. The sheer amount of tools at our disposal now means we can understand customer behaviors and optimize in ways that were unthinkable even five years ago. But how to select the right tools is as much of a skill as knowing how to use them. 

 Episode highlights: 

  • Learn how to assess if a martech vendor is right for you
  • Why marketing teams have fundamentally changed forever
  • Not all martech will survive. We find out the DNA of the tech that will. 

About the speaker 

Scott is somewhat notorious in the marketing technology world, largely thanks to his annual martech infographic featuring every single martech vendor in the world. He publishes the blog, programs The MarTech Conference, and wrote the book Hacking Marketing. He is also the co-founder of ion interactive. In short, he’s a martech marvel, which is why we needed to speak to him. Connect with Scott on Twitter.

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