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Call on me podcast

Episode #3: James Lee, Carnival Cruises

James Lee, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at P&O Cruises (part of Carnival), is well-versed in devising and implementing digital strategy. Here we discuss how Digital has shifted from tactical to strategic, how human contact usually trumps all, and how he doesn’t get to go on free cruises.

Call on me podcast | Length: 25 mins



In this episode:

“The cruise industry is dynamic and fast-paced” says P&O Cruises’ James Lee. Gone are the days of the stereotypical, genteel meander around the Caribbean. As the cruise world becomes one of the fastest growing parts of the travel industry, we speak to James about the challenges he faces in this field and how the ways in which customers book their cruises is developing. 

 Episode highlights: 

  • How the cruise industry has become a hybrid of Digital and bricks and mortar.
  • Why human interaction between call centres and customers, and the level of detail this can offer, is so important. 
  • Selling experiences and offering emotional hooks outweighs competing on price for the brand. Find out how they achieve this.

About the speaker 

James has worked in digital marketing for seven years. As Senior Digital Marketing Manager at P&O Cruises (part of Carnival) he manages a multi-million-pound advertising budget and is currently implementing and driving a three-year international digital transformation project.

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