ResponseTap for Marketing

  • Determine what makes the phone ring
  • Optimize the online customer journey to reduce cost per acquisition
  • Attribute phone calls back to your marketing spend
  • Increase ROI with offline conversions
  • Create seamless transitions from online to offline
  • Drive conversions
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Increase transaction value
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We’ve been able to make that vital link between paid-search keywords and phone calls and are now able to make much smarter decisions about campaigns and where to focus our efforts to get the maximum ROI.


Marcus Evangelou

ResponseTap for CRM

  • Create a seamless experience for your customers
  • Allow sales teams to see your customers' entire journey from the first click
  • Know your customers better and give them an amazing brand experience
  • Upsell, cross-sell and service your customers better than ever before
  • salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
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Not only can we see which sources of traffic are generating relevant visitors, it has helped us enhance the websites and services we offer to give our customers a better all-round experience. We made improvements to the visitor journey as we could see the exact page that the caller was looking at when they picked up the phone.



ResponseTap for Call Centres

  • Route your calls more accurately based on the digital journey of every caller
  • Provide your agents with access to all the data they need to help continue the customer’s journey from where they left off online
  • See how many times customers have called in the past and see what they’re looking at in between
  • Get the full picture to give your customers a better brand experience
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ResponseTap has enabled Hiscox to join the online and offline customer journey, providing actionable insight. For example, it’s enabled us to reroute calls to the relevant call centre, increasing our conversion rates.



ResponseTap for Agencies

  • Integrate all of your existing online tools into one place
  • Establish which online campaigns are driving offline engagements
  • Optimize your campaigns based on truths not assumptions
  • Attribute revenue generated over the phone back to your original campaigns
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ResponseTap’s call tracking software has been the most integral part of delivering a more efficient, and more intelligent PPC campaign, not only for We Fix Now, but for a number of our clients.

Absolute Digital Media

Evaldas Balcius
Absolute Digital Media

ROI is the most cost efficient through the affiliate channel by 87%, compared to all other online media channels, including Paid Search and Aggregator activity.


Martin Tallinger, Digital Marketing Manager

ResponseTap for Networks

  • Track sales over the phone
  • Link the phone call back to the online journey by using PayPerCall campaign tracking
  • Accurately see which advertiser initiated the sale
  • Open up your network to advertisers who predominately sell over the phone and offline publishers
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