EFR Travel partners with ResponseTap to increase acquisition rate during period of exponential growth

Luxury travel group EFR Travel which owns LWC Holidays and Elegant Golf Resorts, has partnered with ResponseTap to further analyze online customer journeys and bookings as it continues to grow its sites through a dynamic marketing campaign.

EFR Travel is going through a period of considerable growth and is enhancing systems to improve conversion rates and provide a seamless booking process for customers.

ResponseTap, a leading provider of call tracking technology to the travel industry, links the online customer journey to the phone call and attributes a value to each call, so companies can optimize marketing spend. Using ResponseTap’s Call Intelligence software, EFR Travel can now link online activity, such as PPC campaigns, digital ads and emails to inbound phone calls and track through to conversion.

Call tracking has become crucial to EFR’s strategy, particularly as 100 per cent of its bookings are made over the phone as part of its personalized, tailor-made approach for customers. Alison Scott, Group Marketing Director, explains “Call tracking is going to allow us to understand booking cycles in more depth and identify which of our marketing efforts are providing us with the best return. This additional insight will ultimately improve our conversion rates.

“We also have two new websites planned for 2019, and the data we can collect now through ResponseTap can be used to inform our launch plans for these, plus all future marketing plans. Joining the online and offline customer journey with a business model such as ours will be invaluable.”

Nick Ashmore, Vice President of Marketing at ResponseTap said: “With an industry such as travel, where the phone call continues to play such a crucial role, only looking at online results would mean you’re not seeing the full picture. Although all of EFR’s bookings are made over the phone, 85 per cent of their customers start their journey online. Being able to link the online customer journey with the eventual sales call, and associated revenue, means you can correctly attribute marketing spend.”