Reassured’s SEO manager Ben Bendall on how ResponseTap’s Customer Success team has helped the life insurance broker get the most value from ResponseTap, and transform their marketing strategy

We have been using ResponseTap for the past two years, but have never really taken the time to fully utilise the tool.

In fact, up until three months ago all we used ResponseTap for was reporting top-line call volume data.

So, when our new account manager Paige contacted us and asked whether we would like any support, we jumped at the chance to learn more about ResponseTap’s capabilities.

Our call volume increased by over +200% during 2018 and now being the UK’s largest life insurance broker, it was time for Reassured to take this channel as seriously as we do online.

The data was telling us this was no longer an insignificant channel for our growing brokerage.

Call volumes for Reassured steadily increased over the course of a year.

ResponseTap reports

After being shown around the ResponseTap interface we were quickly able to elaborate on much more than simply how many calls we were generating.

(Why had we not done this sooner?!) 

Answering questions such as:

– Which campaigns were driving calls?

– What was the call length of these interactions by channel?

– How prevalent are post-visit calls?

– How does organic compare to PPC?

– What about Bing vs Google?

– What time of day are calls being generated?

That is just a small snapshot of the insight we were immediately able to see. So much valuable information, ripe for utilising.

Google Analytics

As a business, Reassured has always taken user experience/behaviour and channel reporting very seriously.

We run weekly reports in GA and report back to the business, tailoring our marketing approach based on this insight.

However, we were unaware ResponseTap calls could easily be tracked in GA.

Having calls trigger as goals (like web leads) has enabled us to gain a much more accurate view of campaign and channel performance.

And this has allowed us to make more informed and intelligent decisions on where and when to focus our marketing budget.

Google Adwords

A huge percentage of our lead generation comes from PPC, predominately Google. This channel also takes up a large proportion of our marketing budget.

However, we had never analysed how this channel was impacting the business we were generating from inbound calls.

Simply linking our ResponseTap account with our Adwords account has allowed us to solve this problem.

Now we are able to report not just from a broader campaign or ad group level, but even at a keyword level.

Again, this has enabled us to refine our marketing approach and make our budget work as hard as possible. 


Should our organic leads be attributed to PPC, as this was the user’s first touch point?

What about social leads, which later converted via a retargeting campaign?

Attribution has always been a contentious topic in our team, mainly because of a lack of robust data in which to construct a model.

However, when Paige showed us how a caller’s journey can easily be tracked, it has allowed us (for calls at least) to see a more holistic view of our marketing.

This has allowed us to acquire a much clearer view of our marketing mix and invest into specific channels/campaigns accordingly.

The future

Now we have a taste for ‘exploiting’ ResponseTap and making business decisions off the back of this insight, we want to push things further in 2019.

With the help of Paige and the support team at ResponseTap we want to make further improvements.

CRM integration, sales data in ResponseTap…the future is very exciting.

Reassured Ltd is a UK-based, award-winning, FCA registered life insurance broker with offices in Basingstoke, Portsmouth and Manchester.

Reassured’s SEO Manager discusses how Customer Success has transformed their marketing strategy.