How does your marketing strategy look right now? Do you have a clear path towards meeting your objectives or are you still trying to work things out?

Wherever you currently sit, it’s worth having an idea of what’s happening in the wider industry so that you can update your goals and allow your strategies to evolve. And with the new year underway, now is a good time to see what’s in store for the marketing industry.

Here at ResponseTap, we have done just that. We asked a team of experts to provide their thoughts about the big marketing trends for 2020 to look out for, along with top tips on how to navigate them, bringing each insight together into one accessible location.

Read on to find out more about our Practical Guide for Marketers 2020 and see how you can weave this into your own campaigns.

What does the guide cover?

In order to offer a clear overview of the upcoming trends, we have grouped everything together in the five main marketing categories that you’re likely to be working with: voice, data, automation, display and social.

This means that you can dip in and out of each area, cherry-picking the key information that can be adapted and molded to your upcoming campaigns. So, whether you want to channel your energy into voice search, update your social channels or review all five areas, you can easily do so.

How it’s set out

The information itself is delivered by experts in each marketing field. The expert provides an overview of the topic they are talking about, along with a look at what’s in store, and some tips, hints and things to be aware of.

So, if you want to get an overview of how 2020 will look for automation or you’re planning on rethinking your approach to data, you can read through the information, download the data and watch the accompanying video.

Who are the experts?

It’s important that you have access to the most current details and relevant marketing trends for the year ahead. Therefore, for this guide we’ve approached five leading names in the industry to lend us their predictions for 2020.

Our voice expert is Matt Duhig, managing director at FX Digital, who talks through the rise in voice search in the last few years and where this is heading. Luke Grimes, head of digital services at ANS Group, explains the advances in data, while Adam Oldfield, managing director at Force24, is our automation expert. Tom Bowen from Clickoo offers tips around display and our social guru is Sam Jones from Tunafish Media.

Each expert provides the insights you need to help shape your campaigns in the coming year.

How to use the guide

To help you get started, here’s a look at the main ways you can use the guide:

1. Help your strategy evolve

You may feel that you need to revise your current strategy or perhaps you’d like to develop your approach to some of the coming trends in order to enhance your campaign. You can use the guide to help you do this.

2. Train your team

Feeding back to your marketing team the key trends for 2020 will ultimately help in the creative process. For example, your social exec might have a great idea for a personalized GIF or you might be able to rethink how you capture data and plug the gap by opting to implement call tracking.

3. Be aware of the pitfalls

There are things to watch out for across all five marketing areas we cover. You might be in the habit of storing data unnecessarily or constantly updating your tech to stay current. Our experts tell you what to be aware of so you can focus on the key things.

If you want to jump into the Practical Guide for Marketers, take a look at what’s on offer now. You’re sure to find some interesting takes on what’s in store.