We get asked a lot by our clients how they can optimize their remarketing campaigns. So, we invited Alex and Josh down to the Response Tap again to talk us through three way to do that.

We bribed them with a pint or two of strong craft ale. Watch the vid above to hear their insights. Or if reading is more your bag, below is a little summary. 


Use Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

With RLSAs you can segment visitors to your website depending on their previous activity. So if a customer has been to your website before, or they’ve made a phone call to your brand, the next time they search for you you can up your bids on those keywords to encourage them to convert, because they are further down the buying cycle. 


Structured funnel remarketing

Consider a user’s previous activity on your site and alter your remarketing ads accordingly. So if someone has just viewed your homepage you could remarket to them with a generic ad. Or if someone has viewed a product or a service, you should remarket that product or service to them. And don’t forget about remarketing to past buyers, trying to entice them back again. 


Track offline conversions

Tracking offline activity is key, so you’re not remarketing to customers that have already bought a product offline. You don’t want to waste your budget showing ads that were intended for a new customer to those that have already converted. It’s also important for brand reputation! It’s a cardinal sin, as Alex tells us. 

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