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Introducing Call Intelligence

Most marketers who’s businesses make sales over the phone are familiar with Call Tracking, it’s a vital tool in measuring marketing campaign performance when the sale doesn’t happen online. But now that Call Intelligence is here, there’s a new, far more sophisticated, kid on the block.

Understanding the differences between simple call tracking and its far more intelligent cousin, along with realizing which call tracking metrics you should be monitoring, will help you make an informed choice when choosing the best call tracking software out there.

Learn about Call Intelligence
Learn about Call Intelligence

So here is a rundown of the key differences between the two.

We started out providing call tracking back in 2008, why? Well we wanted to connect campaigns and keywords back to the phone call. So whether from email, direct mail, trade shows, referral partners or paid search, our customers could measure ROI of ad spend and optimize accordingly.

That was all great. The benefits were the ability to link offline calls to online activity by campaign, so you could assess SEO and PPC success, along with connecting campaign spend to sales value. But there were sticking points. There was no record of the sale. It was last click attribution only (a major no no), and there was really limited information on the actual caller and their intent.

So in 2010 we went back to the drawing board and invented visitor level call tracking.

Here, instead of a unique number given per campaign, a unique number is given to each individual session, giving you far more granular data. So now, instead of call tracking that can only link the number of phone calls to keywords and campaigns, Call Intelligence can measure the outcome of the call, so you can optimize based on all sales.

And with Call Intelligence you can wave bye bye to last click attribution. Now we have multiple attribution models so you can get credit where it’s due and identify what really made the customer pick up the phone.

But it’s not just from a marketing perspective that Call Intelligence trumps call tracking. Being able to route calls to the best agent for the call, based on the customer’s online journey, means better customer experiences as agents can start the call where the web journey left off. And Call Intelligence uses cues from the customer’s online journey to give agents prompts on next best actions. This means they can close the sale quicker, increase conversion rates and increase average order value.

And as Call Intelligence integrates with your bid management tools, you have access to more sophisticated ways to optimize campaigns.

Comparison of benefits

Call trackingCall intelligence
Tracks number of calls by campaignTracks calls and sales value by campaign, customer, segment, demographic, product, profit margin or intent
Tracks a website visitor’s online session before they callTracks the users journey across device, multiple visits/sessions and multiple channels
Tells you which parts of marketing campaigns made the phone ringTells you which marketing activity drove the highest sales values so you can optimize to achieve higher ROI
Routes calls based on marketing sourceUses machine learning to route the call to the right agent for the call
Passive: all marketing improvements are made after data is analysedActive: drives insights and actions using machine learning
Difficult to track call outcomeIntegrates with CRM and contact centre systems to provide an automated way of tracking call outcomes

And the future?

Soon you’ll be able to leverage 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data to create a richer picture of the customer. Machine learning will ultimately be able to improve next best action prompts based on other customers’ experiences and conversion success. And you’ll be able to make changes in real-time whilst the customer is on the phone.

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