ResponseTap delivers significant returns for Mount Sinai Medical Center

The Challenge

Mount Sinai was running a wide range of offline and online marketing programs to attract new patients – from movie theater ads, TV commercials and direct mail, to online pay-per-click (PPC) ads. The problem was, they couldn’t be sure which of these activities were actually driving inbound phone calls or inquiries.

The Solution

By introducing ResponseTap’s Call Intelligence, Mount Sinai had the visibility they needed to transform their marketing. Initially, they continued to run the same campaigns, but were able to identify with precision which campaigns and channels were driving calls and conversions. This insight removed the guesswork from their media planning and they were able to quickly start focusing their budget and efforts on the channels that were proving most effective.

Mount Sinai Medical Center has now built a marketing machine with ResponseTap’s Call Intelligence at its core. Over the course of two years, they have continually used ResponseTap’s call data to optimize their campaigns both online and offline. Being able to understand exactly what has been the deciding factor for each patient in picking up the phone, e.g. keyword or location, has given Mount Sinai Medical Center the insight they needed to make game-changing improvements to their marketing.

ResponseTap helps Mount Sinai Medical Center generate 1193% more calls from SEO.

The Results


increase in the number of leads over a 2 year period


increase in PPC conversion over a 2 year period

ResponseTap has given Mount Sinai Medical Center a much clearer picture of what works. This accuracy has let them identify with pinpoint precision ROI and as a consequence, the team has been able to secure more marketing budget. The results are fantastic and demonstrate the power of Call Intelligence over the much more basic session level call tracking they were using previously.

“ResponseTap has been fundamental to our marketing success over the past 2 years. The visibility we have of how patients find and engage with us has changed the way we market and significantly improved our overall marketing performance.”
Marisel Chavez at Mount Sinai Medical Center

Director of Marketing

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