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Meet I-COM: A ResponseTap
agency partner

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Discover how I-COM work with ResponseTap to optimize their clients' campaigns

Full-service Digital agency, I-COM, use ResponseTap on behalf of their clients, to help understand their call data in a lot more detail.

In our video case study, above, we speak to four members of the I-COM team about how they use ResponseTap, how the partnership works, and the benefits they see.

Hear from MD Mike Blackburn about the history of I-COM and how the agency works to drive business for their clients.

ResponseTap enables us to close the loop and report back effectively to our clients on where their marketing spend is going.

Dan Beardshall

Business Development Manager, I-COM

Kate Sherratt, Head of Client Services, discusses the importance of quality, accurate data, along with Head of Business Development Dan Beardshall examining why Call Intelligence is a fundamental part of the service they offer to clients. And Head of Paid Search Alex Voiels talks about how she uses ResponseTap to understand which Campaigns and Keywords are performing well and can then optimize accordingly.

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