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Go Ape takes conversion rates
to new heights

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The Challenge

Whilst consumer bookings are largely secured via eCommerce, the phone plays an important role in the more consultative process of converting corporate reservations. In fact, the phone is invaluable for Go Ape  – in terms of quantity and quality – when converting visitors from the website to a booking. 

However, without call intelligence in place, it was difficult understand a customer’s journey and provide the most efficient and personable service.

The Solution

In 2013, it became apparent that ResponseTap could quickly and easily uncover what made the phone ring. Dynamic numbers are now used on Go Ape’s site- and location-specific pages, to track visitor journeys from the first click to the point of them picking up the phone. DDIs also ensure calls are routed directly to the most appropriate person or team, according to their location and request type. 

And, by fully integrating ResponseTap’s dashboards with Google Analytics event tracking, it is then possible to present complete visibility of customers online and offline journey, through to a booking completion.

Call Intelligence helps outdoor adventure company Go Ape get complete visibility of customers online and offline journey.

The Results

Customers are now able to reach a dedicated Team Building Agent for one of Go Ape’s 31 locations, eliminating an unnecessary step in their path to purchase.

Agents can tailor the conversation, increasing the relevance of the call and heightening the likelihood of a booking.

Conversion rates have risen as a result.

From a business perspective, data analysed from ResponseTap means Go Ape can now make more informed channel and campaign decisions, according to the true performance of every marketing activity.

Marketers can see from an individual customer’s first website touchpoint through to their final call and booking, without interruption, meaning geographical targeting has become far more sophisticated.

Google Analytics provides us with some helpful insights into our initial customer conversations, but we always go into the ResponseTap platform now to get the depth of data we need in a consumable format. The detail is incredible. We’ve been able to understand when website content is or isn’t performing well, for example, and when one location website is cannibalizing another. Now, thanks to more geographically-inclined tracking, we’ve also streamlined our sites to promote multiple locations without this being to the detriment of customer relevance.

Sophie Howard Go Ape

Digital Manager

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