Call Tracking for Marketers

Understand call value, optimize campaigns, increase ROI

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Join the dots

Link phone call sales to marketing activity

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Optimize campaigns

Make decisions based on all sales, not just online conversions

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Seamless integration

Integrate with your existing systems to include call data in your analytics

The blind spot

It's not enough to say your campaigns are driving calls; marketing has to drive sales. But how do you justify marketing spend when there's a blind spot in your analytics? And how can you make your future marketing activity more effective when you don't really know what it's worth?

Call Intelligence from ResponseTap connects the customer journey to the phone call, giving you the insight you need so you can do more of the things that work. With seamless integration into your existing marketing technology, Call Intelligence provides the missing link to give you the full picture.

Product features for marketers

Complete your analytics picture and get set up quickly
and easily, with Call Intelligence from ResponseTap.

  • Link calls to every touchpoint with detailed Google Ads reporting
  • Link sales value to the phone call for more accurate ROI analysis. Smart Match uses our algorithm to match your sales report to the call in ResponseTap
  • Leverage attribution models to understand and measure which campaigns have proven most important to the customer journey
  • Include call conversions in your analytics, to manage your campaigns using more accurate data
  • Link offline channels including broadcast media and print to phone sales, through dedicated campaign phone numbers
See our pricing
See our pricing

Seamless software integration

Call Intelligence from ResponseTap integrates into your existing MarTech systems including Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, CRM and bid management software. So you get a complete picture of which activity is driving phone sales, and their value.

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Intelligent Insights

ResponseTap provides granular data across our marketing channels which enables us to optimize marketing spend, performance and return.
Anna Robinson, Virgin Money

Digital Campaign Manager

Straightforward pricing

With simple, fixed pricing, we’ve made budgeting for Call Intelligence easier than ever before.

View our pricing
View our pricing

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