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iProspect: Delivering evidenced ROI, with ResponseTap, since 2011

The challenge

iProspect prides itself on its reputation as “the world’s leading digital performance marketing agency”. Delivering killer results for their clients, and proving them, is therefore vital. Being able to look beyond digital platforms, however, and extend optimization capabilities across the full customer journey, was an area iProspect wanted to improve on. Phone calls had for too long been undervalued by clients who couldn’t determine what was making their phones ring or take advantage of insight that could drive more high value phone sales. In short, they had a real gap in their analytics. Which is where ResponseTap came in…

The solution

It was back in 2011 that iProspect implemented ResponseTap’s Call Intelligence into their client’s websites. Often these websites needed to be optimized to work for multiple locations, whether to show relevant information for local stores or bespoke content for certain financial products. So ResponseTap introduced multiple placeholders for dynamic numbers to be placed on websites where geographical segmentation was important, meaning the iProspect team could optimize local campaigns accordingly.

And now integrating seamlessly with DoubleClick, the agency is able to send daily reports to their clients. Armed with accurate data, it’s then possible to make more meaningful, informed and evidenced decisions about marketing activity. And if they have a question about the data or want to interrogate it further, they can quickly log onto the Insight Hub to delve deeper.

The iProspect team also uses single numbers for their clients, used to illustrate the role that other media channels play in offline conversions.

The results

ResponseTap has helped answer a number of optimization issues by providing insight into the otherwise ‘unseen’ offline conversions. In fact, for many clients, it’s become clear that the majority of high-value sales happen over the phone. Without this clarity, valuable conversions, revenue and future marketing spend could be wasted.

But it’s not just the marketing team who have seen the benefits of ResponseTap and dynamic number replacement. Their clients’ contact centers are now armed with detailed, real-time insight into the touchpoints of every individual before they picked up the phone, giving huge opportunities to personalize calls and upsell.

By integrating the Call Intelligence data with other MarTech platforms it’s possible to grasp customers’ entire journeys and the nuances within them.

Phil Tolliday

AdOps and Attribution Manager, iProspect

Using ResponseTap has given iProspect the ability to clearly show their clients their customers’ full journey and join the dots in their reporting capabilities.

As a result, the agency now has a significant competitive advantage, with the ability to deliver evidenced ROI from every activity undertaken and optimize future campaigns.

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