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How Virgin Money discovered what makes the phone ring

The Challenge

When it comes to financial service providers, there’s something a little bit different about Virgin Money. As a brand, the focus is to help customers with competitive and straightforward products, supported by outstanding customer service, so that it naturally becomes easier for them to manage their money.

With so many mortgages being sold directly to consumers over the phone, Virgin’s commitment to the customer experience had to extend far beyond the welcome visitors receive in Store. So, Virgin Money set out to answer what for many brands would be an impossible question – what makes the phone ring? And not just that. Virgin Money had one key objective – optimize marketing spend by understanding which channels and campaigns were driving ‘hot’ calls.

The Solution

Dynamic numbers were added to Virgin Money’s online mortgage pages, with additional single numbers placed on affiliate sites, emails and display ads. This provided the marketing team with detailed, real time insight into every individual’s online and offline journey, until the point of them picking up the phone.

To be able to fully understand the click-call-conversion process, ResponseTap was also seamlessly integrated into the rest of Virgin Money’s technology stack. Using the powerful new insight hub, the team now has access to a wealth of rich data from third party apps such as Google Analytics and Google Marketing Platform.

Call Intelligence helps Virgin Money know which activities are most effective in delivering calls, improving cost per call to top quartile efficiency levels.

The Results

Virgin Money’s cost per call has improved to top quartile efficiency levels as the team now knows which activities are most effective in delivering calls.

Through tracking all inbound calls, they can be tailored to each individual, which heightens the level of service provided and allows marketing campaigns to be continually reviewed and adjusted to reflect ongoing insight. The marketing team can now see which PPC campaigns – at a keyword level – drive better quality calls and conversions, meaning that marketing spend can be optimized and even higher priced keywords can be budgeted for if there is evidence that they perform.

ResponseTap provides granular data across our marketing channels which enables us to optimize marketing spend, performance and return.

Anna Robinson, Virgin Money

Digital Campaign Manager

Insight from ResponseTap even allows the marketing team to manage the volume of calls into the contact centre at any given time and manage contact centre resource in the most optimal way.

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