ResponseTap has launched a new integration with Facebook’s Conversions API. This means that our users are now able to report on all ‘events’, including phone calls, within Facebook Ads Manager.

Until now, Facebook Ads Manager didn’t register calls that occurred as a result of your Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Going forward, any calls that stem from this paid social media activity can be traced back and credited to the right tactics.

What’s more, when used in combination with Speech Analytics and Smart Match, users can isolate products and keywords that motivate their target audience, and even link call revenue to marketing activity. As a result, they can better optimise social media campaigns and ad performance, get more from their budget, and more accurately map customer journeys.

Ross Fobian, CEO at ResponseTap, commented: “At ResponseTap, we pride ourselves on never being beaten on innovation. After all, we were the first to do visitor-level call tracking, to develop integrations with Google Ads and Analytics, and to receive Salesforce-certified partner status.

“Our aim has always been to help marketers fully understand the customer journey and enhance ROI at every level. We’re excited to extend this to social media campaigns too.”

Find out more about the integration by downloading our product guide here.