ResponseTap’s seamless Google Ads integration is a godsend for time-short brands and agencies. But we wanted to hear this straight from the horse’s mouth, so we sat down with Carissa Talbot, ‎Account Director (Strategic Accounts) here at ‎ResponseTap to tap into her knowledge of our Google Ads integration. We discussed which call tracking metrics you should be monitoring, along with optimizing Google Ads, and how ResponseTap helped Carissa with conversion path optimization in her former life working agency-side.

Hi Carissa, thanks for talking to us! First, why should brands and agencies use Call Intelligence from ResponseTap?

Brands everywhere are rife with data blind spots! You all know how to measure campaign performance and digital ROI for online purchases. You’ve got that nailed. But when a customer picks up the phone, all that data and analytics breaks, and you’ve reverted back to guess work.

If you want to optimize PPC campaigns based on all sales, not just online, then Call Intelligence is the answer. So by pulling call conversions into Google Ads, you can report on all sales and then optimize accordingly. 

You should never underestimate the power of optimizing your PPC campaigns based on phone call data; we see different keywords and different campaigns having different results over the phone, so being able to optimize campaigns can be seriously lucrative.

So what’s so good about ResponseTap’s Google Ads integration?

Well one of the best things is it takes less than 30 seconds to set up. A lot of the other platforms out there definitely aren’t as simple to set up as ResponseTap. With ResponseTap there are no spreadsheets and manual inputs to deal with, you just log in with your Google Ads account and that’s it, you’re in. It really is seamless. And reporting on multiple Google Ads accounts in one simple report saves lots of time.

How useful have you found the call recording feature in the past?

Call recording is a great feature. Being able to actually hear how a customer came to pick up the phone means you can optimize your campaigns even further. You can find out which keywords worked best and which channels and platforms people are using that yield the best results. You can easily attribute clicks and calls to conversions and also start to really learn about customer behavior and the way your customers talk. As marketers, you want as much customer insight as possible, so call recordings are a great way to assess by customer (and by keyword) what kind of calls you’ve driven. You can understand what your customers are interested in and build a fuller picture of your personas.

Another great feature of ResponseTap’s call recordings is you can get a lot more inspiration for how to write engaging straplines and copy in your ads. You can optimize these ads or landing pages based on these calls; I found I was making lots of amendments to my landing page content due to the type of questions customers were asking on the phone.

How easy did you used to find it using the ResponseTap Dashboard?

Really easy. As you can now pull Google Ads data into the Dashboard, you can look at calls on a call-by-call basis and assess their quality. You can then see exactly where you’re spending money in Google Ads, right down to the most granular of details, and find out whether keywords are definitely generating conversions or not. There’s no guesswork anymore.

By looking at our reports you can also judge call quality, where you can see things like call duration, to understand not only which keywords and campaigns have driven calls, but which have driven the best calls. Knowing the duration of calls, for example, is an instant way to tell if the call resulted in a sale, and how engaged the customer was.

ResponseTap also shows the keyword in the call log- this is useful because you can look at individual calls and your best calls, then see which campaigns and keywords drove them. This means you can get qualitative as well as quantitative data from this.

Overall, the ResponseTap Google Ads integration means that, ultimately, you can increase your conversion rates and average order values. In being able to optimize future campaigns and maximize ROI you can now have the full picture when reporting your successes back to your clients.

Sound good? Let’s talk.