How scared are people, really, of artificial intelligence?

It makes for a good news story, imagining people cowering in make-shift nuclear bunkers fearing for their lives at the hands of Artificial Intelligence. But what do people really think about it? 

We went to one of the biggest active online communities, AskReddit, to find out more. We’ve had a range of responses, including a mention of the Terminator and even Al Gore. The last comment is my personal favorite…

So we asked ‘What’s your biggest fear of AI?’

Several of the comments we received echoed the above, that there is too much fear surrounding AI and that this could seriously hold back its development. Just as this contributor believes below:

We’ve been looking at some of the potential terrors surrounding AI and discussing it with AI experts. You can read more here.

The below is also an interesting point. With GDPR coming into force in 2018, is this an area you’re concerned about? Do you care if Alexa knows more about you than you know about yourself?!

 And finally, my favourite comment:

Share your thoughts on how scared we should all be of AI with us on Twitter. We’re also interested to know if you, like many of the people who replied, think that we need to embrace AI, instead of turn our backs on it in terror: