Track phone calls coming through Facebook

Track phone calls coming through Facebook

Did you know that you can track calls coming through your Facebook ads and even through single Facebook posts? We sat down with our Implementation Manager Josh for the inside scoop on all things social to understand how you can maximize the Facebook potential. Over to you Josh…


I get asked a lot by our ResponseTap customers about how they can track their inbound phone calls that’ve come through Facebook. They want to know how valuable Facebook really is as a platform and where they should spend their time and money. Is it on paid ads? Or should they be spending more time on their social media strategy, and instead put extra resource into creating really great Facebook posts? Well, with ResponseTap you can easily find out how many phone calls your social media ads (and even down to the individual posts) are driving, so you can ramp up the social stuff that works, and stop wasting time on the rest.


If you’re a ResponseTap customer, and you do any form of activity on social, you should be tracking calls coming from these platforms. Anywhere that you can specify a landing page URL in your social ads or posts, you can do this.

First, you need to create manual campaigns and define your advert’s campaign details in ResponseTap. This will allow you to automatically see who has clicked through from Facebook and landed on your site.

You can also use ResponseTap single numbers in an ad’s creative, so even if the customer hasn’t clicked on the ad and has instead just viewed it on Facebook, you will know it’s working if it’s driven a phone call.

Each of our customers get 20 single numbers to use as standard, but you can upgrade to our offline bolt-on if you need more.


Within ResponseTap’s manual campaigns you can input campaign details for Facebook PPC, and then tell ResponseTap what to look for in the URL. For example, you could say to look for the parameters ‘social=facebook’. Then back in Facebook, you create your advert, and append social=facebook to your landing page URL. Then any traffic that comes to your website with ‘social=facebook’ included in the URL will now have the correct campaign of ‘Facebook PPC’. This way you can compare your organic and paid traffic from Facebook.


Now you can see the difference between organic and paid, you’ll want to find out which specific ads are driving more calls. You can do this by utilizing more manual campaigns and single numbers. In ResponseTap there’s an additional field called ‘advert reference’. You can use this to add an additional layer of granularity to your campaign, for the specific advert. So if you’re running two adverts at the same time on Facebook, you can create two manual campaigns and two single numbers. This can be as simple as (your chosen URL+)social=facebook&advert=1 and (your chosen URL+)social=facebook&advert=2. The single number would use the same campaign details as the manual campaign. Finally, you can also compare Facebook PPC vs Facebook Organic in ResponseTap, and then break down your calls by advert or specific post. This way, you can easily figure out what your customers are responding best to and then do more of it, to drive more calls. DID YOU KNOW…. …you can track calls coming through most other social media platforms too? Anywhere you can specify a URL, you can use it. LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram – ResponseTap has it covered. Follow us on our own social media channels below!