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More valuable conversations

Higher orders, quicker calls, happier customers

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Predict customer intent

Use the online journey to understand why the customer has called

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Intelligent conversations

Give agents real-time suggestions to close the sale quicker

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Better customer experiences

Start the call where the web journey left off

It's your call

Call Intelligence from ResponseTap seamlessly bridges the gap between the online and offline journey. With every call dynamically routed to the most skilled agent for the job, ResponseTap's suggestions drive and guide how the call can best be dealt with. The result? A more relevant and valuable conversation that gets to the point of sale quicker, optimizes resources and improves the customer experience.

Product features for call centers

Call Intelligence from ResponseTap helps you plan resource better and to have shorter, but more valuable, calls.

  • Call whisper any phrase to the agent prior to the call, based on the website visit
  • Dynamically route calls to the most suitable agents and departments
  • Use the customer journey prior to the call to feed in-call suggestions and messages to the agent
  • Filter out nuisance and silent calls with our Spam Guard technology
  • Record every call for ongoing analysis and agent training
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View our pricing

Intelligent Insights

Due to the sometimes complex nature of our holidays, many customers prefer to call to make the final booking after visiting the website. As soon as that happened we were losing valuable insight about their journey. ResponseTap has solved this problem. Not only can we see which sources of traffic are generating relevant visitors, it has helped us enhance the websites to give our customers a better all-round experience.
Jo Bradbury

TUI Travel PLC, Digital Acquisition Manager

Straightforward pricing

With flexible call tracking prices, you only pay for what you use. With straightforward license fees and transparent call costs, we’ll keep your call tracking simple.

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View our pricing

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