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Call on me podcast

Episode #2: Josh Whiten, Digital Marketing Director at Sagittarius

Fellow of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Marketing, Josh Whiten is something of a darling of the digital marketing world. Find out how he works with his travel clients to stand up to the seemingly unstoppable force of online travel agencies. Listen in.

Call on me podcast | Length: 24 mins



In this episode:

Digital marketing for the travel sector is massively competitive. Up against the might of online travel agencies, some brands have been left defeated, abandoning PPC altogether. In this episode, we talk to Josh Whiten and discuss how he works with his travel clients to reimagine the world of digital marketing in an age of voice search and increased customer expectations. And with content a driving force behind this, attributing conversions across channels is more important than ever before

 Episode highlights: 

  • Why PPC is such a minefield in the travel sector, and how to combat this
  • Why inbound phone calls are still a key conversion goal for 90% of the sector
  • Don’t forget the bank of mum and dad – it’s not always those going on holiday who are paying for it

About the speaker 

Josh blazes the digital marketing trail for Sagittarius and is one of the region’s leading digital marketing experts with over 20 years experience in marketing both client-side and agency. He is an SEO stalwart and specializes in developing digital strategies, innovating the latest marketing techniques and designing and implementing successful multichannel campaigns.

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