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Smart Match helps NFU Mutual make better informed, more profitable decisions

The Challenge

For NFU Mutual to establish customer-fit and provide the most appropriate solution, it’s imperative they fully understand a customers’ unique situation, ‘risk’ and requirements. A 40-minute phone call is an essential part of a quote process – which is why all of NFU Mutual’s communications focus on prompting customers to dial before completing online forms.

NFU Mutual was using call tracking to measure marketing campaign performance. They knew which campaigns were driving the highest call volumes but had no idea what type of calls were being generated. Were they the sales enquiries the marketing team were trying to bring about, or were people getting in touch for other reasons?

To prevent time and marketing budget from being wasted, NFU Mutual needed to identify which campaigns were attracting the right calls and the right customers – resulting in a new business. From there, they could optimise their marketing spend and keep their phone lines free for the enquiries that had the highest chance of converting to a sale.

The Solution

NFU Mutual explored various solutions. One of which involved call handlers manually inputting a 9-digit code into their telephony system. This was followed by a solution where call handlers had the option to input a call outcome vocally after the call had ended. The likelihood of human error for both solutions was high, and the accuracy rate left a lot to be desired. They needed a better solution – Smart Match was the answer.

Smart Match would let NFU Mutual assign outcomes to all calls where an estimated value per call could be calculated. They’d be able to identify which calls were sales oriented, and more importantly, which channels and campaigns were driving them.

Our Solutions Engineers worked with NFU Mutual to integrate Smart Match with their existing systems. After a visit to their contact centre in Glasgow, our engineers realised they could use telephony data from Cisco Finesse to record outcomes. This would remove the need for agents to become familiar with another platform and streamline the outcome tracking process.

To pull this off, our team worked with one of NFU Mutual’s partners – K-Com – to develop an app that allows one of several pre-defined call outcomes to be recorded by agents in Cisco and sent to ResponseTap via API endpoints. We completely removed the need for complex codes and manual inputs.

The app we created wouldn’t allow agents to move on to another call until an outcome had been logged. This significantly improved the number of calls recorded with a call outcome closing the gaps in NFU Mutual’s outcome data from around 60% to over 90%.

Once up and running, the integration allowed information to be passed between Cisco and Smart Match in real-time, and then seamlessly on to DoubleClick and Google Analytics. NFU Mutual got all the insight they needed to optimise their campaigns.

The Result

Smart Match has helped NFU Mutual match over 90% of their calls to outcomes. They now get reliable data, that’s 100% accurate, fed directly into their tech stack so they can make informed decisions about which activities and campaigns they should sustain.

NFU Mutual can now see which marketing campaigns and keywords generate positive outcomes, and which generate revenue. They’re able to optimise spend, reduce strain on the contact centre, and decline non-target risk more efficiently.

Smart Match has helped NFU Mutual pause £50k worth of PPC keyword activity, letting them focus spend on keywords that generate a positive outcome.

“Smart Match helped us improve lead quality, and as a result, lower the cost of customer acquisition. The visibility we’ve been given has allowed us to make better informed, more profitable decisions about where we allocate our marketing spend”.

Laura Dowson, NFU Mutual

Digital and Acquisition Analyst

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